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Retainer Process and Fees

No Surprises

When you retain George Sirois as your criminal defence lawyer you engage counsel committed to providing the very best in criminal defence. You also receive a clear outline of how you will be charged. George bills on a flat fee basis so that you know from the beginning what each part of your defence will cost.

Following your initial consultation, you will be asked to provide all documentation you have received relating to your charges. In most cases you will be asked to sign a Designation of Counsel form allowing George to appear on your behalf for most court appearances. You will also be provided with the very straightforward terms of your retainer.

In almost all cases your retainer agreement consists of two or three block fees:

Initial fee.

This fee secures your retainer and includes a thorough review of the disclosure (the crown's evidence). George will advise you of the strengths and weaknesses of the crown's case so that you can make informed decision(s). This fee includes all meetings and telephone calls with you, the crown prosecutor or witnesses. It also includes any and all court appearances George makes on your behalf. It may also include speaking to your sentence.

Sentencing fee.

In the event that you choose to plead guilty before trial, your retainer will include George's agreement to speak to the court to mitigate your sentence. In less complex matters, this service will be included in your initial fee. In more serious cases, or those requiring psychiatric or other reports, your retainer agreement will specify exactly what the sentencing fee will be. It will include research, all communication and interviews with character witnesses, and attendance at court. All steps taken to argue in your favour at sentencing will be included and you will know the fee at the outset.

Trial fee.

Your retainer agreement will indicate the exact amount of the trial fee and when it will be due. Accordingly, you can make decisions from the outset without being in the dark as to your fees. They will be in writing, they will be straightforward, and you will never have to worry that "the meter is running."